Insurance For Trucks

Choosing the proper insurance for your trucking company is perhaps the most critical decision you can make for your company. Time and time again, I get phone calls from trucking companies where coverage is denied or severely limited because the policy simply stinks. Perhaps that is not very eloquent, however, i’ve seen all sorts of denials for property damage, cargo loss, environmental cleanup, towing, storage, etc. The money you saved on a policy doesn’t really seem worth it when you get stuck with a $45,000 cleanup bill and you have a $5000 limit on environmental cleanup.

Don’t be penny wise but pound foolish. Don’t shop insurance by Price. You should know the insurance carrier you are about to buy a policy from. Most times, brokers will only know the price and not the carrier. I advise clients that cheap insurance comes with restrictions (type of vehicles, radius, growth restrictions, level of service handling claims via a third-party, driver restrictions, etc.). Then, when you call, you realize that the cheaper insurance is stopping you from getting work due to being an RRG or less than an A-rated company.

Again, I must emphasize that don’t look at the number, know what you are buying and confirm that the representative you are working with is knowledgeable about the product they are selling.

Like with anything else, you get what you pay for. Buying cheap insurance can cost you more when you need it.

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