EDD Audit Consulting and Defense 

At Transportation Attorneys, we have the collective experience of dealing with and representing clients in over 100 EDD Audits.  It's no secret that EDD is targeting trucking companies for misclassification audits.  Furthermore, if EDD concludes you have been misclassifying your drivers, they will share that information with the IRS, FTB, DLR, etc. so those agencies can come after you for more money.  We are up to date on the latest legal developments in the complictaed area of worker classification. When EDD targets your company, the critical issue is whether your drivers are properly classified as independent contractors. If they are not, you may face a devastating assessment. Contact us ASAP, whether you have been contacted by EDD or not, so we can help you avoid, prepare for, or defend yourself at an Audit. If you treat your drivers as Independent Contractors, you need to call us.