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Transportation Attorneys is a full service Law Firm dedicated to protecting and defending trucking and logistics companies.  With the passage of AB5 and the "ABC" Test, the misclassification of employee drivers as Independent Contractors is exposing trucking companies to huge liability.  Contact us for expert opinion on the use of "Owner-Operator" truck drivers and how to avoid the "ABC Test" in trucking.  If you utilize IC drivers in any capacity, you need to understand the "Business to Business" exemption.  And now more than ever, Independent Contractor contracts must be carefully drafted. We regularly see flawed independent contractor, driver and owner-operator agreements.  These contracts are plagued with problems:  they are invalid, generic, borrowed, boiler plate, outdated  or simply illegal.  Don't rely on flawed and worthless documents for protection.  Instead, rely on us to keep your Independent Contractor practices current.  We stay up to date on the laws regarding Independent Contractor/Owner-Operator truck drivers, especially AB5, AB2257, the ABC Test, and the Business to Business exemption. You can rely on us to provide you with the guidance you need to protect your company in this era of AB5, AB2257, the ABC Test, and the Business to Business exemption.  

Contract Review

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Our trucking attorney carefully reviews your current agreements to pinpoint and correct any flaws. We also create all-new owner-operator, management, and independent contractor agreements at rates you can afford.Solid contracts are critical to any business in Trucking/Transportation


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The best defense is a strong offense. At Transportation Attorneys, we strike first and provide aggressive representation. We provide  liability defense for Trucking, Transportation and Logistics Companies, from huge fleets to Owner-Operators. Call us to protect your legal rights.

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Keep your business in business with the help of Transportation Attorneys, a different kind of law firm in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We focus on numerous facets of transportation law, from Consulting, Contract drafting, Representation at Administrative Hearings, Workers Compensation Appeals Board, and Civil Litigation, and more.  Call us for an honest and candid appraisal of your matter. If we are able to help, we will tell you. 



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The average attorney simply does not understand transportation law. Backed by more than 10 years of industry experience, we are the firm that other attorneys hire to assist them in transportation-specific cases. We practice in State and Federal court, including Superior Court, the Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Department of Labor hearings, Office of Administrative Hearings, and other forums including Arbitration and Mediation.  We have the combined experience of helping over 100 clients through EDD Audits.  Whatever the legal matter that is confronting your company, we are the law firm you want by your side.



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